The Most Durable And Dependable Spatulas We've Ever Created

From: Seth

RE: The Most Durable and Dependable Spatulas we've ever Created

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What a welcome addition!

I never knew that I could love a spatula set so much.  These have quickly become my go-to tools for cooking meals with my family.  In fact, it's a total bummer when they're in the dishwasher and I have to reach for a different tool.  Luckily, since there are 4 in the set, this rarely happens. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself . . .

I started using UpGood Silicone Spatulas about 2 years ago . . . and I'll never go back.

If you’ve ever used a cheap spatula then you know that tops fall off, handles snap and grooves trap food particles.  Not with these!

First, they are all one seamless piece.

Each one is solidly constructed from top to bottom, and there are no nooks or crannies to harbor mold and bacteria.  Plus, I never have to worry about the top falling off or getting yucky stuff stuck inside.  And, if that wasn't enough, there's also an internal stainless steel support that makes them super strong and dependable.  Boom!

Second, the materials are second to none.

No cutting corners here!  This is professional grade silicone that is both BPA Free and FDA Approved.  But - what I love most of all - they are totally heat resistant up to 600° F.  That means if I accidentally leave the spatula sitting in the pan and walk off, it won't melt!!!  How cool is that?

Third, there is a tool for every job:

- one Jar spatula for getting the last little bit out of bowls, containers and blenders

- one Spoon spatula for scooping and stirring

- one Large spatula for folding and spreading

- one Small spatula for precision work

They're completely safe on both coated and non-coated cookware, and I can put them in the dishwasher or hand wash when I'm in a hurry to use them again.
What's In The Box?

Finally, this is my favorite part of the story . . .

Last week, my wife and I went to a Couples Cooking Class. I might be a little obsessed because I ended up taking these bad boys with me. However, that's not even the best part. Before the end of the class everyone was checking out my spatulas and handing them around the room. 

The Professional Chef hosting this event loved them!  She has created culinary delights all over the world and even been on popular TV shows. Not only did she think that they were the bomb, but she asked to keep my set because she was so enamored by their rugged good looks and superb functionality.

With some reluctance, I parted with my beloved spatulas. Partly because I wanted to spread the love, but mostly because I got a discount on the class and I wanted to buy another set anyway.  Win Win!

Using the UpGood Silicone Spatula Set has been a great experience.  I feel confident when I'm using them and the cool gray color looks fantastic in my kitchen.  I challenge YOU to bring these into your home and put them to the test.  Without a doubt, you will feel like you're cooking better, faster and having more fun. 
...but, don't take our word for it!
PLUS!  I'm Going To Include A Bonus Care Guide:  FREE                        "How To Get The Most Out Of Your Silicone Spatulas"
  • How to Clean - Learn the best tips and tricks
  • How to Care For - What to do and what not to do
  • How to Store - Protect and extend their lifespan
  • And More . . .
Please send us Pictures and Videos after you use the spatulas so that I can personally post them on our Fan Page!

- Seth
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